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Grow Your Minnesota Business With Top Rankings In Google

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Consulting Services

We Work With Small Local Minnesota Businesses

We definitely understand what it is like to have a small marketing budget.

Unlike many SEO services in Minnesota, we work with you on a budget you can afford.

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Local Targeting

You need your site to show up in local searches. We set up and optimize your Google My Business page and get you showing in the maps. Putting you at the top for local searches and Converting lookers into buyers!

Increase Profits

If your website is not in the top 4 positions of the search engines, you are missing out on profits. You have enough to worry about each day running your business. Let Carefree SEO put you at ease and take care of your internet marketing.


Social Media Management

Social media plays a tremendous part in marketing now days! Site like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter will make a magnificent impact on your business. Using social media not only drives visit to your website, it drives your site higher in the search results.

Is Your Website Lost On Page Two Or Lower

Carefree SEO Consultants is a trusted source with proven strategies in search engine domination, putting your site one page #1 above your competitors.  

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I started working with Carefree SEO in May of 2015, Within 7 months our website went from having less than 3000 visits per year, to having over 43,000 visits in 2015. We are now in May of 2016 and are already over 20,000 visits. This has been the best business decision I have ever made, the ROI is 10x.

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The Benefits Of Using A Local SEO Company

Competing in today’s markets means having an online presence is an absolute necessity. At the very minimum this needs to include a well designed website that people can find by searching online. While social media, email marketing, and trying to produce viral content all has its place, no traffic source is going to be as consistent, reliable, or profitable in the long term as ranking on page one of Google for all your major keywords – and SEO is the only online marketing that gets you to that place.

Why Go With Local SEO Consultants?

There are many different companies and independent freelancers who offer search engine optimization services, but there are good reasons to stay local. There is a huge difference between general SEO and local SEO services. Most businesses are looking at a local, state, or regional net when it comes to doing business, and that means getting locally ranked is much more important. This also means these specialized campaigns focusing on Minnesota will be more effective.

Any small business looking for Local SEO services in Minnesota will want to look to see what local options are available. Extra “juice” is often passed on to ranking in nearby communities when providing services. This means that a national company is going to be less likely to really focus in on the details that can get you locally ranked. If you chose a large company that has international servers, this can end up actually working against any ranking efforts, meaning you’d just be throwing money away.

Local Details Matter

The search engines have become very good at spotting details that tell them if a website is really customized or just a lot of general fluff for content. Whether a basic reference to the Twins or Vikings, mentioning a local state park or river, or even talking about a historic site of interest close by, the knowledge that comes from being a local makes a huge difference, and is why going with MN SEO services over a general national plan is going to be a much better move for the far majority of businesses in the area.

Connection To Local Websites

Ranking locally is much easier when there are connections to local website that specialize in that area. A business directory just for Minnesota businesses is one example of a website that could give a very valuable listing or back link to help a local business get found for their own keywords. These ultra-focused websites are often owned by individuals who work hand in hand with local SEO providers for everyone’s benefit.Having that kind of local help on your side is never a bad thing with any SEO campaign.


The Benefits Are Undeniable

When it comes to meeting a business’s Minnesota SEO needs, there’s no denying going with a local company has benefits. Aside from the aforementioned connections and experience with local ranking, a local company is going to be much more responsive to clients than a big faceless corporation. The back and forth will be better, and there is a stronger vested interest in making sure their clients succeed.

That’s a lot to like about a business arrangement, especially one that keeps business in the local in-state economy.


 Consulting Services 

Affordable SEO For Small Business

Affordable SEO Service Minnesota

Finding a Minnesota small business SEO service can be stressful. Most SEO companies are not willing to work with small businesses. The reason for this is budget, many business owners do not have a huge budget to spend on search engine optimization. We understand your situation and have been there! We offer monthly SEO packages at a price you can afford. Don’t Leave your website to just any local SEO consultant, Carefree is your #1 choice for local rankings.

Minnesota Businesses We Work With

Animal Hospitals
Auto Shops
Chiropractic Clinics
Cosmetic Dentists
Dental Clinics
Dental Laboratories
ENT Physicians & Surgeons

General Surgeons
Health Care Professionals
Lawn Care Services
Medical Services
Pawn Brokers & Shops
Real Estate Consultants
Roofing Contractors
Travel Agencies